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Fake ATM ReceiptI’m Rich, Bitch

OMG.  This is the coolest shit I’ve seen in moons!

Here’s the deal, boys.

Let’s say you’re trying to pick up this chick at a bar or some place.   You strike up a decent convo with your mouthpiece.  Your game is on point today.  You’re about to give her your number.  Instead of dropping it onto a that napkin under your beer or an “impressive” premium business card (real d-bag move in a girls eyes), why not REALLY let them them know your rich?

Pull out a piece of paper from your jeans, scribble your number onto it, and walk off into your glory strut.  Don’t say shit.  Wait a while.  Of course, don’t call her back right away, either.  You know the drill.  Except, this time, she’s gonna be calling you extra excited.


Because you just “accidentally” wrote your number onto your bank ATM receipt! Yes, that’s right.  Oops!  But not any bank ATM receipt.  No, not yours.  That’d be embarrassing, I know.  Instead, it’d come from a novelty store with baller Jay-Z figures printed strictly for the purpose of getting bitches!

I heard about it by listening to The Tom Leykis Show.  This is a f–king amazing invention for us guys without, shall we say, tons of game, looks or money.


Listen to Tom Leykis - Free Internet Radio Show!

Tom “The Professor” Leykis

Tom Leykis

Men, if you are looking to get bitches and get your money right, look no further than the “Professor,” Mr. Tom Leykis.

Tom is a self-made millionaire, and a master at getting chicks.  I’ve been listening to Leykis for years.  He’s like my second dad.

Tom  used to be one of the top radio hosts in the country, and now hosts his own daily podcast online.

Best part?  Tom’s show is FREE.  Here’s a link to his show:

Yes, guys.  His advice comes free.  I do ask, though, that if you have the extra cash, to sign up to his on-demand premium podcast called Premium Tom.  We single guys need to stick together.  Once you listen to Tom, you’ll clearly understand he’s “one of us.”

More advice and recommendations coming soon when I get free time.