Bottle of a man's preworkout supplement in a refrigerator

The alarm goes off far too early in the morning, and every inch of your body cries out against crawling out of your warm bed…

Your heart wants to train, to get out there make the very most out of your limited exercise time, but meanwhile…

It’s just so cold out!

You stumble out of bed and manage to mix yourself a pre-workout shake. In just a few minutes, you feel on top of the world and ready to take on anything.

What brought about that sudden change, though? Was a pre-workout supplement really enough to get your heart pounding and your body ready to race? Or was it simply the act of getting out of bed and psyching yourself up that caused you to be ready for a great workout?

Pre-workout supplements are packed with ingredients designed to make you feel energetic and ready to hit the gym, but are they always a good idea? Specifically, are these pre-workout supplements even safe for men over 40?

As you get older, things you would do without even questioning it in your 20s start becoming a bigger deal…

You might love exercising and the amazing benefits that come from it, but that doesn’t mean you want your body to suffer from it. It would be reckless and counter-productive to do anything damaging in the quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Are pre-workout supplements a way you can extract the most punch from your workouts, or are they unsafe for older exercisers?

Let’s take a look at pre-workout supplements, and what they mean for men over 40…

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements claim to give you more energy and stamina so you can maximize your workout time.

These shakes and pills promise you staying power that is claimed to lead to enhanced gains each and every time you work out.

Are those bold claims true, though?

While these pre-workout supplements might make you feel like you’re getting more out of your workouts with superior blood flow and a quickened heart rate, you might feel like you are working more, but the truth is these physical reactions have little to do with the benefits of exercise.

To salt the wound, the stimulants in these pre-workout supplements may have other unpleasant effects on your body…

At the most dangerous end of the spectrum, many leading pre-workout supplements once used ingredients that are now banned due to their health risks.

On the other hand, there are just as many pre-workout supplements composed mostly of inert filler, with just a few worthwhile ingredients chucked in at dosages not really large enough to be useful.

This means you might be getting a supplement full of natural and healthy ingredients, or a questionable one filled with ingredients that could hurt you.

Pre-workout supplements vary greatly in terms of both quality and ingredients, and it pays to do your due diligence before deciding whether or not they are a smart idea health-wise. Even when they claim to be natural, they may not be or have unintended side effects so you need to exercise extreme caution.

Pre-Workout Supplements Don’t Always Have Ingredients That Actually Work

The fact is, many of these supplements are little better than placebos with great advertising attached.

If you are advancing in years, you might be worried about how declining testosterone levels may affect your performance, but truth be told none of the ingredients touted as testosterone boosters in most of those pre-workout supplements really work at all in that capacity…

Some of these false flags should be perfectly obvious… there’s no way antler velvet is going to help you boost your testosterone.

As for other supplements such as saw palmetto or horny goat weed, these often lack credible scientific evidence that they boost testosterone at all. If even tested, they’re tested on animals and the studies, if any, can be questionable at best.

Even when they do work, studies show that you need to see boosts of up to 20-30% over the normal natural range of testosterone in humans to see any real difference in muscle development. At that point, this isn’t helping restore your body to its natural state, its something else entirely.

There’s also a host of other ingredients companies add into their pre-workout mixes, claiming them to help build muscle and give you energy. While some of them will undoubtedly help in a small way, many of them simply aren’t included in doses strong enough to be useful.

Can Pre-Workout Supplements Be a Good Thing?

In some cases, supplements can improve your performance by giving you the energy to continue going forward with your exercise.

As you get older, you may find that even though you love exercise and enjoy your workouts, you simply find yourself unable to hit the same heights as in your salad days.

This can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you really enjoy a long distance activity and don’t want to end up calling it a day prematurely because you lack the strength to continue.

The trouble is, in many of these pre-workout supplements you’re not just getting one thing. Most of these supplements are a brew of ingredients that might have quite unintended consequences.

While there are supplements out there that can be healthy for your body at any age, they aren’t often found in the pre-workout cocktails we see today, or they’re mixed in with too many additional stimulants to be worthwhile.

The Bottom Line

If you want to experience a little extra pep in your workout, try an old fashioned cup of coffee. The caffeine acts as a safe stimulant that will help give you energy without a whole bag of mystery ingredients on the side.

Maintaining control of your health is about far more than just exercising every day. You need to focus, too, on proper nutrition.

So, instead of seeking out a doomed quick fix, support your body with the vital nutrients it needs to handle workouts on its own.

While pre-workout supplements promise you added nutrition through amino acids and protein, they’re not necessarily doing you any favors that a sensible eating plan and a judicious selection of vitamins couldn’t help you out with even more effectively and much more safely.

Your workouts will evolve as you get older, but this is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, you might notice yourself improving as you leave these supplements behind and swap them out for natural replacements that don’t have added associated drawbacks.

A cup of coffee might not come with attractive packaging, but it may well make you feel more energetic and better braced for that workout so fire up that espresso before you hit the road or the gym!

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