Couple having problems with erectile dysfunction

As men age, there are more and more health problems that can come up in their lives.

Some of these problems, like arthritis or high blood pressure, are normal parts of the aging process.

One of the seemingly inevitable health problems that can plague men is erectile dysfunction. 40 percent of men 40 years old and older will experience erectile dysfunction in their lives. [1] Erectile dysfunction becomes more and more common as men age but it should not be considered a natural part of aging because it doesn’t need to be.

There are plenty of health problems that can result in a man experiencing erectile dysfunction and, unfortunately, the prescription medicines taken to treat these problems can actually *increase the occurrence of impotence.

Luckily, many of these health problems can be avoided or reversed and erectile dysfunction is no different.

So, to answer our question straight off the bat… Yes. In most instances, erectile dysfunction can indeed be reversed.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many factors that can lead to a man’s impotence. Some of these things are physical while others are psychological. Even so, sometimes the causes of erectile dysfunction can stem from both physical and psychological trigger points.

Weight is one physical elements that can lead to impotence. Being overweight makes a man far more likely to develop other issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Injuries to the pelvic region or spinal cord can cause problems with a man’s ability to achieve an erection. Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking or drug use, can also lead to impotence.

Erectile dysfunction can be linked to certain psychological causes such as depression or anxiety as well. The mind can play a large role in a man’s ability to achieve or keep an erection for the duration of intercourse. [2]

Generally, if a man has never had a problem getting or keeping an erection and now he is suddenly having issues, the cause is usually linked to something physical. If a man has never been able to achieve or sustain an erection, the cause is likely psychological.

We also noted above that there can be times when both physical and psychological problems are causing the erectile dysfunction. For example, if a man has *gained some weight and it has led to problems in the bedroom, he can become anxious about it. That anxiety can continue to build until the problem of impotence is both physical and psychological in nature.

In addition, there are many prescription medications that can lead to erectile dysfunction as a side effect. We will discuss options if this happens to be a problem you are facing.

Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

Depending on the cause of a man’s impotence is, it is likely that it can be reversed. It is far easier to pinpoint and reverse physical causes than psychological ones but even those are not hopeless.

Let’s go through some more detailed causes of impotence, and discuss how you can reverse your erectile dysfunction by getting right down to the root of the problem…


Being overweight has its challenges, period. Simply being overweight can cause sexual dysfunction and additional problems that stem from excessive weight can cause even more issues that will quite likely result in impotence.

If a man is overweight, it’s probable that his testosterone levels are low. This, in turn, will impact his libido and affect his sex drive. It’s also likely that he is at risk of developing diabetes which not only lowers hormone levels but also negatively impacts the endothelial system. Obesity also puts a man at risk of a whole host of cardiovascular problems, all of which can lead to erectile dysfunction. [3]

High blood pressure and high cholesterol restrict the blood’s flow throughout the body. Anytime blood flow is restricted, it will be almost impossible to achieve an erection. An erection can only happen if there is sufficient blood flow to the sexual organ.

The best way to reverse impotence in this case is to simply *lose weight. Studies have shown that men who are obese and suffer with impotence can fully *regain their sexual activity approximately 2 years after losing weight. [4]

If this seems to describe you, here’s some general advice…

Change your diet to include healthier foods, especially ones known to *improve testosterone levels. Add in leafy greens along with healthy fats and nuts.

Exercise more to get your blood flowing. Cardiovascular exercise will help ensure you are getting adequate blood flow to your muscles and organs. Strength-based exercises can help *increase testosterone levels.

Lifestyle Changes

There are several other changes a man can make to help reverse his impotence.

Things that negatively impact a man’s sexual function are smoking, illicit drug use and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol dependence is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Drinking too much alcohol can decrease a man’s sexual desire, cause him to fail to achieve an erection, prevent him from climaxing or cause him to climax too soon. [5]

Using illicit drugs can *lower the testosterone resulting in a *decreased sexual desire and the inability to get an erection. [6]

Smoking can cause problems with the vascular system resulting in restricted blood flow making is difficult to get an erection.

If you are a smoker, a heavy drinker or a user of illicit drugs and you suffer from erectile dysfunction, there’s some good news… You can reverse the problem.

  • Quit smoking. You know you need to for a variety of reasons and now you know that quitting smoking can benefit your sexual health as well.
  • If you use drugs – stop. Drugs impact a plethora of things in the body, not least hormonal and sexual functions. Stop using drugs and you will *improve your sexual function.
  • Curb the alcohol intake. No one is asking you to stop entirely (unless that is what needs to be done). However, drinking too much has a profound impact on your sexual function that simply cannot be ignored. Reduce how much alcohol you drink and you will perform *better in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Erectile dysfunction does not have to be your future. It is not part and parcel of getting older that you just need to take on the chin and accept.

Find ways you can take better care of yourself and your health and you can dramatically *improve your sexual health.


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