Catuaba Bark Extract

Nature provides us with a wide array of vital herbs and nutrients that can help lessen problematic symptoms.

Catuaba bark extract is often said to be derived from a plant known as erythroxylum catuaba which is often described as a fast growing plant that produces both yellow and orange flowers and deep yellow fruit that is inedible. Despite belonging to the erythroxylaceae family which is known to be the source of many cocaine sources, catuaba has no active cocaine variables.

Catuaba bark extract is a naturally occurring plant that grows in Brazil. This herb’s bark is used in natural remedies including tonics and supplements to treat people who may have erectile dysfunction, sleep issues, stress, forgetfulness and cancer. In fact, it is said that catuaba bark extract contains chemical components that fight against bacterial infections and viruses.

Catuaba was successfully used in a study to attempt to prevent mice from contracting viral diseases and infections such as E. coli and Staphylococcus. To take these findings a step further, catuaba bark extract was even successful in helping prevent HIV in mice. A finding that is a huge stride for the medical field and humanity at large.

With so many uses and benefits using catuaba bark extract in supplements, especially those geared towards male enhancements. The herb relaxes the body making blood vessels open to allow the blood to become more oxygenated and increase circulation. This makes becoming aroused easier than ever.

As a supplement, catuaba bark extract is only to be used in calculated doses. As with any other supplement, vitamin or mineral, herbs are not to be taken in large quantities. Failure to adhere to dosage guidelines can result in a medical emergency.

Contact your physician prior to use if you have any health conditions.


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