Brad Reviews Legal Steroids

WARNING: Do not stop reading until the very end! Legal Steroid scams *EXPOSED*!

Hey Brah’s,

Antonio, Brad’s trainer, here.

Wanna know about legal steroids?  First, let’s talk about illegal steroids.

Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of testosterone oozing from your pores in the morning!

God, I fucking love being on the sauce, man.  To be honest, I’m not that big of a “hyper responder” in 99% of my body except one area:  my calves.  My fucking calves get swole beyond belief.  I got a jacked-up pump just from walking around!

I’ll never forget my first cycle.  Like, within 3 weeks on anabolic steroids, I’m literally at 21” (up from a natural 19”).  I’m also deadlifting PR’s (personal records) – 425 lbs in my case – for reps like it was nothing.

I got my first compliment from my co-worker, Sam D (we called him “Sammy The Bull” for his notorious salesmanship).  Sam slapped me with a, “Holy shit, Antonio!  You have calves like a ‘cot damn bodybuilder.”

I was hooked.  This shit was awesome. 

Best part?  I only trained my calves, like, 3 times for that compliment.

Tom, my other coworker, called me a “machine” when he saw me pulling deads at LA Fitness.  I worked out like a maniac.  The juice had me so aggressive yet I was able to harness it into intense focus.  It was amazing!

But, that’s not all.

The sex drive. 

HOLY SHIT, mang!  LOL!

If you have a girlfriend, trust me, you will be fiercely porking her non-stop!

If you fly solo, you will rub it raw.  And I’m not joking.  I also had my own “stop n’ go” technique and I rubbed my BBC raw!  That shit hurt but a, I could not stop, and b, yes, it was worth it!

TMI?  Doesn’t matter.  I get pumped mentally just thinking about it, as it’s been a few years since I hit the vial.

OK, so, you get the picture.  You are completely on swole, sexed up out of your gourd, and ready (and able) to flip over a car on a moment’s notice.

Here’s the downside…

  1. You’re also a felon.

Yeah, no kidding.  Most “traditional” anabolic steroids aren’t legal by a long shot.  Steroids are considered a Schedule III narcotic drug by the local and Federal government.  If you are caught with steroids, you might as well have a small amount of cocaine in your pocket.  It’s that serious.

  1. Anabolic steroids come with health risks.

Some down plan this but I experienced it firsthand.  My creatinine levels shot way up unto abnormal range.  This meant kidney damage, guys.  Very serious business.  And I was only on 600mg/week.  Not a big dose by any means.

You can also get mad acne, go bald, get man tits (not kidding – Google “bitch tits” and see for yourself), and get complete erectile dysfunction.  Mad gains are important, but are they that important?  We’re doing this to get bitches; not to have them laugh at us.  Think about it.

  1. Needles Suck

Christ, while I am not afraid of my doctor injecting me with the flu shot, self-injecting juice is a whole other experience.  Imagine staring at yourself and then stabbing.  It’s completely unnatural.  I do not miss the injection ritual one bit:  sanitizing the vial, then my quad, swapping needles, aspirating the syringe, injecting, etc.  I was a nervous wreck!

  1. Dangerous Counterfeits

The greater majority of anabolic steroids of on the black market are fakes, in case you didn’t know.  I suppose the “good news” is that while some fakes may have some steroid drug in the vial (no one knows which one though; typically, just some form of base testosterone ester), the conditions in which it were made are completely unknown.

No one knows how sanitary or clean the drug is.  You could get a serious infection at the injection site that could land you at the doctor’s office or in the hospital.  Abscesses are serious and happen all the time amongst juicers, even with famous pro bodybuilders.

So what’s the alternative?

Legal steroids.

First, there is no better time than now to find awesome – and I mean bawse-level awesome – legal steroids on the “gray” market.  Prohormone technology has afforded us with great luxuries in sports enhancements never seen before.  This is evident by the surge in prohormone sales well into the hundreds of millions of dollars and heaps of return customers who cannot get enough.

What if I told you I know of a “source” that has some underground legal steroids that not only work, but are guaranteed to work or your money back?  With free, discreet shipping worldwide?  I’ve scoured the earf’ for this stuff and I think I’ve found the best source since I quit juicing illegally.  And I’ve tried just about everything there is.

Now, before I go on, I want to shatter 3 myths about legal steroids.  You will NOT read this anywhere else.

Myth #1 – Legal Steroids are as good as Illegal Steroids

Nearly all websites on the ‘net will lead you to believe this.  Total bullshit!  Do not – I repeat – do not give our business to any site that tells you legal steroids are as effective as illegal ones.  That’s just not the case (yet).

What I’m saying is, legal steroids are def on the come-up, but they have a long way to go before they hit the injectable test + GH stack.  Know what I mean?  Let’s keep it real here.  Nothing comes close as the “real thing” so far.  One day?  Yes.  Now?  No.

Myth #2 – You don’t need to train as hard while on Legal Steroids

Legal steroids aren’t nearly as powerful as illegal anabolics.  The latter will let you lax off training, that’s for sure.  But if you’re going the legal route – listen, guys, you gotta use every edge you can get!  Put time into your training, diet and supplement regiment.   You cannot rely on super genetics and/or a huge illegal drug stack to get you through.   Also, you’re spending good money on your food and legal supplements.  Make it fucking count!

Myth #3 – I can get as big as the pro’s, I just need to train harder & longer

Big time myth.  Those guys are genetically superior to 99.9% of us.  It’s akin to why you see millions of kids shooting hoops but only a handful have ever made it to Jordan’s level.  Just the way it is.  You cannot train a gift.  You must have the right parents.  Bodybuilding is all about your individual response to drugs, and your ability to tolerate drugs.  Training, drug use, and diet?  Everyone can do that.

In the context of legal steroids, its simply not possible to look like a pro (that’s a genetic thing) nor even look like a monster juicer at your gym.  I’m sorry to disappoint, but that is the way it is.  You can still get jacked AF, but just don’t expect to be 250 lbs with a six pack.  Not going to happen.

Listen, you are about to spend your hard earned money.  Likely, you are a younger guy.  I see fellas like you in the gym all the time.  Unlike 9/10 websites out there, I have respect for you and your time.


I’ve been in your shoes.  I’ve been the skinny guy looking to get big so I can get a girlfriend and have some self-confidence.  Trust me, I know.  And, money doesn’t grow on trees.

All I’m doing is trying to manage your expectations.  But, all is not lost.  I have a plan to maximize your potential…

So, here’s what I want you to do (in order):

  1. EAT. Food is the most secret, most anabolic component of a mass building program, bar none.  Get yourself on a good bulking diet that won’t make yourself too fat.  Remember, the best diet is the one you can maintain.
  2. TRAIN. Stick to the compound, heavy movements.  Train hard.  Don’t fuck around with machines unless you are injured.  Stick to the basics.  Workout your whole body once per week spread out over 3-4 sessions each lasting no more than an hour.  No cardio ever!  Pro Tip:  Look into Doggcrapp Training.  It’s the shit!
  3. SLEEP. Another underrated anabolic window.  Try to get 8 hours minimum if you can.
  4. LEGAL STEROIDS. Once you have your program in order and are consistent with it, break out the legal joose loose and get ready to kick it into overdrive!