Common Lies About Penis Enlargement Pills

Any man who is “on the small side” when it comes to his manhood would probably consider safe penis enlargement procedures a dream-come-true. After all, what man wouldn’t want to get the wonderful, inimitable feeling of being sure that he can satisfy his partner in bed every time? This ego boost in most men hinge on the notion that a larger and longer penis is bound to bring better sexual pleasure and orgasms to women.

Penis Enlargement Pills

No, contrary to popular belief, not all “natural” supplements are  inherently safe.  Users with underlying conditions (such as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases) should be especially careful of taking penis enlargement pills and other related dietary supplements.  It’s for this reason why it’s always best to consult your physician regarding the possible side effects of the prospective pill that you’re considering.


There have been many surgical methods that have been done in the past which have resulted in an increase in penis length and girth. This raised the hopes of many men who wanted to rely on established, safe surgical procedures to increase penis size. There are a couple of catches, though, that are never readily revealed by surgeons that perform them.

For one, most surgeries that are done to increase length are often only able to elongate a flaccid penis by a measly inch. In fact, the results can be so disappointing that most men regret ever undergoing them. As for increasing girth, the most common procedure involves adding fat injection. As in any procedure that involves fat, though, there is always the possibility of it being burned and disappearing over time.

Social Stigma

Much of the perceived social stigma that lingers on the subject of penis enlargement is rooted on our reluctance to talk about any topic that concerns our genitals as a whole. There’s no better evidence that can refute this, though, than in the popularity that genital modification has enjoyed in these modern times. After all, what could possibly be wrong with seeking to become more comfortable with your body and to have better, more pleasurable sex with your partner? This is why, at present, we can confidently say that penis enlargement is no longer widely considered as a taboo.

Even way before this piece was written, numerous men have already undergone penis enlargement procedures, and equally many people consider it as natural as any kind of plastic surgery. Most experts even argue that there is practically no difference – at least in the way that they should be regarded – between breast augmentation and penis enlargement.

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