3D render of a HGH vial symbolizing anti-aging properties

As a man begins to age, many things about him will begin to subtly change…

He knows to expect the deepening lines on his forehead, around his eyes and at the corners of his mouth. He’s watched as older men’s hair has turned gray and disappeared. He knew his time to start the aging process was coming and now it is here all too soon.

Some things probably came as a surprise to him, though…

An accumulation of fat around the belly, the subsequent loss of muscle strength, an inability to focus, a reduced quality of sleep. Then there’s the dreaded erectile dysfunction issue that can strike as the years pile on.

But what is a man to do? Aren’t all these things just natural processes of life that come with aging? We’re happy to report that the answer to that is a resounding NO!

Research conducted in the scientific and medical communities has led to the discovery of something that seems to be at least a drop in the fountain of youth. This discovery has actually been lurking in his body for a long time: it is human growth hormone (HGH).

Growth hormone is a chemical in the human body that is developed by and released from the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone is essential to the proper functioning of the human body, but it decreases with age.

We’ll give you a snapshot now of 8 important things men must know about growth hormone and anti-aging…

1) Memory, Focus and Mood

As men age, their ability to focus is lowered. Additionally, they have trouble with memory and they often become unusually grumpy. This seems to be due to the natural decrease in growth hormone as they age.

A European study followed a group of aging men for 6 months. The study found that men who had a dose of growth hormone administered to them weekly saw great improvement in their mental wellbeing. Their cognitive function improved, as did their moods.

If you are cantankerous, forgetful and unable to focus, perhaps you need to speak with your doctor about growth hormone treatment to compensate for what nature is stripping away.

2) Reducing the Spare Tire

It seems as though as a man’s age increases, so does the size of his pants. This belly pudge doesn’t happen just by chance. It can however, be reversed.

Sure, diet and exercise are the traditional method of attack, but there’s a new kid on the block now as well. Growth hormone can play a role in helping aging men stave off weight gain, or lose the weight if it’s already in place.

Growth hormone has been shown to speed up the process by which your body converts triglycerides into energy and fatty acids. Speeding up this process helps your body to store less fat.

A study carried out in 2009 showed that growth hormone not only helped men to lose excess weight (especially in the belly), but also prevented the loss of lean body mass during the process.

If you need to get rid of those love handles, you might want to give growth hormone a shot.

3) Sleep Like a Baby

If as a man ages he finds he is not sleeping well, having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or that he is exhausted throughout the day, this can also point to decreased growth hormone.

It is vital to get an adequate amount of sleep, as this is when the human body goes through its restoration process. If you’re not getting enough of the right kind of sleep, the brain functions that directly impact the secretions of growth hormone will be negatively affected.

You must have enough growth hormone in your system to help you function throughout the day and sleep well at night.

4) Stay Strong

Men typically lose an awful lot of strength as they age, and this can make them feel bad about themselves. Muscle strength is important for several reasons including helping the body to function properly and ensuring a man maintains his self-confidence.

Studies have shown that men who have been treated with growth hormone have experienced an increase in muscle strength and have been able to exercise for longer due to their increased strength.

Growth hormone won’t affect the size of your muscles, but if you feel as though you are wasting away as you age, this might be a worthwhile option for you.

5) Stay Healthy Below the Belt

The vast majority of men over 40 have discovered they are no longer performing as well as they once did in the bedroom.

This problem can manifest itself as the inability to get an erection or the inability to keep one long enough for satisfactory intercourse. It could also be that a man is unable to reach orgasm, or perhaps he is just uninterested in intercourse altogether.

This doesn’t mean it’s time for the little blue pill since it could just be a dip in growth hormone that is affecting performance. Growth hormone is crucial for sexual function so if you are having problems in this area, be sure to speak with your doctor.

6) Not to Rain on the Parade…

We’ve been tooting growth hormone’s horn pretty loudly thus far, but we should stop here and let you know that even though it’s been shown to do some amazing things, it’s certainly not a miracle cure, and you can’t just go grab some at your local pharmacy either.

Growth hormone can cause some unusual side effects like lengthening bones or causing internal organs to swell. This is one thing you absolutely do not want to self-administer.

If you are experiencing any of the issues in this brief guide, be sure to speak with your health care provider about what treatment options might be best for you.

7) Medicine Isn’t the Only Cure

Modern medicine is marvelous but it also has obvious limitations. While growth hormone supplementation from your doctor can work wonders, there are myriad things you can do to naturally boost your body’s levels without needing to step into a paper gown.

Ensure you’re getting adequate nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are critical to your body’s proper functioning, and being deficient in certain areas can affect the pituitary gland which can in turn affect the production of growth hormone.

Laugh! Be happy. Endorphins are the feel-good chemical and when they are released your body also releases growth hormone.

8) Embrace It

If you are experiencing negative, painful side effects to growing older, be sure to talk with your doctor for help.

As for the smile lines and the gray hair? Embrace them! With age comes wisdom, and if you can avoid those creaking joints but still impart your mountains knowledge onto the younger generation, that is a very good thing indeed.


To round out, we just want you to understand that aging isn’t all bad, especially once you learn a few tricks to help alleviate some of the wearing effects of this natural process.

Thanks so much for reading and we hope you gathered some useful information. Now relax and remember that age is just a number.

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