Premature Ejaculation Details

When it comes to relationships and love life, not all people are happy with themselves or their partners in terms of performance and skills under the sheets. And let’s face it, a good number of men tend to silently suffer from sexual dysfunction problems such as ED [1], premature ejaculation, low libido, and small penis, among other common issues.

What’s Premature Ejaculation?

This is the inability to control ejaculation, which means it happens before you don’t want or wish it to. According to the WebMD [2], premature ejaculation is one of the commonest sexual dysfunction problems in men, which is every man is said to encounter at least once or several times in his adult life. It in some cases affects the overall sexual performance of a man and how long the can last in bed.

The Unknown Causes

Well, the less scary part of premature ejaculation is that it is actually not clearly understood what the exact cause is. However, there are few potential or contributing factors to the male condition.

  • Anxiety or Depression: One of the most common causes of PE in young men is anxiety, especially during the first relationships stages or first sexual experiences. Depression and other psychological factors can also contribute to the condition that interferes with how long a man lasts in bed.
  • Medication and Recreational Drugs: Some types of drugs are also known to cause early ejaculation in men. For instance, the drug known as cabergoline has been reported to have the ability to cause premature ejaculation, whereas cocaine, amphetamines, and other recreational drugs are also linked to premature ejaculation in some people.
  • Disease and Infections: Disease is another factor commonly associated with premature ejaculation in some people. Conditions such as chronic prostatitis [3] and CNS diseases like MS and neuropathic conditions can also possibly cause premature ejaculation.

The Symptom Is the Problem

There are basically no additional symptoms when it comes to premature ejaculation. The main sign that you have the condition is that you are unable to hold or control the exit of semen from your penis. This usually happens without your will and usually occurs after minimal sexual stimulation. As a matter of fact, it can occur after a short time of intercourse or even before the action begins.



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