Image of a man exercising (doing push-ups) in the winter on a picnic table outdoors

Let’s face it, no one wants to go outside too much when the mercury starts to drop…

The wind is blowing down the back of your coat, snow is mounding up all around, and it’s so much easier to just sit back in your Lazy Boy nursing a cold one.

Staying healthy and active during the winter is important to keep off those winter pounds, though.

Luckily, we’ve come up with 10 cool ways you guys can stay physically active in the winter so there’s no excuse to let yourself go!

1) Snowboarding

Take to the slopes with all the fun and entertainment provided by snowboarding.

Not only does snowboarding look cool – hey, it’s basically skateboarding on snow! – but it’s an extremely active sport into the bargain. You’ll get a great workout going up and down those slopes, learning to bust some new moves, and having some good old-fashioned fun at the same time.

Equipment can be expensive so we’d recommend hiring until you know for sure snowboarding is something you’ll stick with.

2) Kick-Ass Sports: Time For Something New

Winter is a perfect time for learning a new sport, and many of these take place indoors.

Ever wanted to learn Krav Maga? Do it indoors without any excuses about the cold!

Thought about taking up basketball? There are plenty of indoor courts available.

Not only can you learn a new skill and look cool, you’ll also be well on your way to a great summer beach body in plenty of time.

There’s a huge spread of sports available indoors, and most of them will help you work up a sweat and keep excess weight firmly at bay at the same time.

Start 2018 with a fresh skill that will give you all the activity you need without subjecting you to the bitter cold.

3) Skiing

Skiing is another great way of getting out there and fully embracing the cold weather.

This classic winter sport is an exhilarating way to enjoy fresh snow, kick up some powder, and make the very most of your winter days.

Skiing is a fast-paced sport that will leave you feeling exhilarated as you blow past trees and zoom to the bottom of a slope. There are few sports as fun or cool as one that lets you take advantage of your love for speed and gives you a way to exercise.

4) Sledding

While you might not think of sledding as an obvious way to get fit, it is an awesome method of building muscle. As an added bonus, if you happen to have a dog with the genetic background to enjoy pulling, you can bring your husky or malamute along for the fun.

Sledding is great exercise for everyone, and an extremely amusing experience.

While sledding used to be just for kids and functional transport in ultra-cold locations, it has developed into an actual sport now. Olympic athletes have obtained speeds of up to 95 miles an hour on their 1 or 2 person sleds.

If the conditions permit, sledding is a wonderful alternative to the mainstream winter sports you might already be getting bored with.

5) Hiking

If you don’t happen to have a lot of snow where you live, just lots of crisp and cold days, you can still make the best of that intemperate weather with a nature hike.

The world simply looks different with frost on every blade of grass, and it can be a refreshing and entertaining experience simply to take a walk out there in the wild, disconnected and away from all distractions.

While you might not think of hiking as cool, that’s probably because you’ve never been on a hike that leaves you in complete awe of your surroundings. There is something truly carnal about pitting yourself against the elements even if all you’re doing is taking a stroll in it.

6) Hit the Gym

Since most of us want to be indoors anyway, making frequent visits to the gym your New Year’s resolution is the standard approach to exercising on a reasonable budget.

You can pack on some muscle and feel good about yourself without needing to freeze to death which is essential for anyone who hates venturing out in the cold.

A gym membership also gives you the ability to socialize and meet other like-minded people. It’s the perfect way to gear up for summer and stay warm at the same time.

7) Head to the Indoor Pool

What could be better than staying active and enjoying a balmy 80 degrees at an indoor pool? Doing so when it is snowing outside, that’s what!

An indoor pool is a solid option for exercise too. Indeed, swimming is often noted as the most complete exercise of all. Not only is it easy on the joints, it’s also fun and relaxing while putting your body through a full range of motion.

If you don’t look out the window, you can pretend it’s summer. Now that’s cool!

8) Snowball Fighting

If you can’t enjoy your easy chair and your beer because you have a house full of kids with too much energy, a snowball fight is a fantastic way to handle both problems at the same time.

Snowball fights are a superb form of exercise between the running, the screaming, and that killer aiming required. As an added bonus, you can dominate and still look cool at the same time!

9) Running

You’ve probably always told yourself you’d train for a marathon some day, but it’s always too hot, too muggy, or you’re simply too busy.  All excuses.

Now that winter is here, your excuses are over. No matter how far you run, you can stay cool with that icy weather.

Running is a fantastic way to exercise and you’ll definitely feel a little cooler in the other sense when you check out how many pounds you’ve dropped on the scale, or admire those pumped leg muscles in the mirror.

10) Use Some Snowshoes

Hiking and running isn’t the only way to enjoy the great outdoors.

For a slower view than you might get from the shotgun sports of skiing and snowboarding, you can still enjoy fresh powder with the help of snowshoes.

Snowshoes act a little like a bear’s foot by spreading your weight evenly over the surface of the snow and allowing you to walk on top of it instead of falling through.

You can see previously inaccessible locations through the power of snowshoes, and go farther than you could ever have hoped on foot.


When the winter blues hit you, don’t let that cold weather get you down.

There are dozens of amazing and exciting sports you can do indoors to stay active, as well as a vast array of fun things you can only practically do in the winter months.

Taking up skiing or snowboarding could be the difference between looking forward to winter and dreading it.

With these 10 cool ways to stay physically active, kiss goodbye to your excuses and say hello to a stimulating winter you’re eager to arrive!

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