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NEW UPDATE: ExtenZe is good, but my recent tests conclude Male Extra to possibly be even MORE EFFECTIVE! – Brad

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WARNING: This uncensored, no bullsh*t review is completely UNFILTERED. Industry insiders are furious!

Extenze ReviewsJust how complicated and downright “dangerous” the world of penis enhancement treatments is, can be easily demonstrated by the type of side-effects associated them.  Let’s take a gander.

Why Penis Enhancement Sucks

Treatment #1: Prescription Drugs
Inherent medical complications including heart diseases and heart conditions.

Treatment #2: Surgical Penis Implants
Complications resulting from this very invasive surgery range from a permanent state of erection to a complete dysfunction. Not to mention the unpredictable success rates and the high costs of undergoing surgery.

Treatment #3:  Penis Pump Erection Devices
Prolonged usage leads to a hampered ability to gain an erection without the device.

Treatment #4: Injections
Does not enhance the penis size; merely provides an erection. Used commonly to treat impotence.

Treatment #5: Urethra Suppositories

Its highly unappealing nature aside, the potential side-effects include redness of the penis, minor urethral bleeding, burning sensation in the urethral region and pain in the penis.

All of these methods can be called anything, but safe and acceptable. What should you do then? Is there really no convenient method for men who want to grow their penis size or make their erections last for longer periods?

Enter the all natural male enhancement supplement market.  First of all, this is not the 18th century and undergoing complicated (not to mention, inhumane) procedures is not your only option. There is a very well known, established product called the ExtenZe.

When you use ExtenZe, you are promised to achieve:

  • Firmer erections
  • Enhance size of your organ
  • Increased vitality and energized sexual sessions

So far, so good?

Everything you need to know about the ExtenZe supplements is provided on this page.  Let’s get right to it!

Getting To Know ExtenZe

Definition:  It is an all-natural supplement that is scientifically designed and proven to enhance your erect penis size.

OK… but what makes it so different from all the other similar products/supplements available in the market today?

The difference is it is a unique, natural remedy that contains the perfect blend of herbal compounds, nutrients and amino acids to help boost the flow of blood to the penis. This in turn helps with the size and tenacity of the penis when it is having an erection. What makes ExtenZe different from the other penis enhancement options is the fact that it uses no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Instead, it utilizes a completely natural formulation.

Is ExtenZe a BETTER Alternative to Other Penis Enhancement Pills?

ExtenZe is a much better alternative to most other popular penis enhancement methods because it is:

  • Completely natural
  • Easy to take and follow
  • Very affordable
  • 100% guaranteed to deliver (else you get your complete money back)
  • Easy to obtain (and with complete discretion promised by the official website)


  • Results vary from dude to dude depending on stress, physiology, etc
  • Not available in stores except in embarrassingly super public places like Wal-Mart

ExtenZe Ingredients

ExtenZe Male EnhancementAs stated earlier, ExtenZe contains an all-natural blend of nutrients, herbs and amino acids that help increase the penis size and improve sexual libido in men. The major ingredients included in ExtenZe pills are:

Vitamin & Mineral Ingredients
Each capsule contains – Folic Acid (400 mcg), Zinc Oxide (25 mg). Folic Acid is known to help the prevention of anemia of the blood.

Hormone Supplements
Each capsule contains – Micronized DHEA (50 mg), Pregnenolone (10 mg). DHEA is known to act as a building block for sexual hormones in men.

Biological Health Enhancers
Each capsule contains 25 mg mix of Black Pepper seed, Ginger root and Piper Longum seed. Ginger root is known to have anti-inflammatory properties while Piper Longum is a well known aphrodisiac.

Sexual Response Enhancers
Every capsule contains a secret mix of Yohimbe extract (bark), Korean Ginseng Root extract, Tribulus Terrestris extract, Onidium Monnier seed, Pumpkin seed, Horny Goat Weed leaf, Velvet Deer Antler, Damiana leaf and many other natural herbs and extracts. All may assist with performance.

All of these ingredients have been used as aphrodisiacs for centuries. ExtenZe merely reassembles these ingredients and tops them off with essential minerals and amino acids to achieve incredible results.

How Much Does Extenze Cost?

A 1-month supply of the enhancement pills costs you only $59.95, which if you are not satisfied with the results, is refunded completely.

It gets better though.

For a 2-month supply, you save $10 and get it at a discounted price of $109.95 + 1 Free ExtenZe Lube.
For a 3-month supply, you save $20 and get it at a discounted price of $159.95 + 1 Free ExtenZe Lube.
For a 6-month supply, you save $50 and get it at a discounted price of $309.95 + 2 Free Extenze Lube.

To put simply, the more you order, the more you get to save!

ExtenZe has been made available at the official website only.  This way there is no chance of you falling for a duplicate or a wrong product.  Also, when you buy from the website directly, you are assured of a very discreet billing statement on your credit card and a very plain packaging for the product. Much needed privacy options if you live someone else.

Closing Thoughts

ExtenZe Penis EnlargementFor men looking to revitalize their sex life and regain some of their youth, ExtenZe may be a helpful option to optimize their performance. Of course, check with your doctor if you have pre-existing health conditions. This shit is strong AF!

visit the official extenze website

Visit the Official ExtenZe Website

Good Luck,
– Brad