VigRX Delay Spray

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Bottle of VigRx Delay Spray, a premature ejaculation / orgasm delay sprayWhat is VigRX Delay Spray?

VigRX Delay Spray is a specialty formula for helping with premature ejaculation, except instead of having to take pills, this comes in an easy to use spray. It’s made in the United States by the same company that brings you ProSolution Plus, Leading Edge Health.

Do you wish you could last a bit longer? Are you tired of hearing her say “That’s ok, honey. It happens”?

Most men feel self-conscious about their premature ejaculation, whether they have been dealing with it their whole lives, or if they just recently started experiencing the problem.

How does VigRX Delay Spray Work?

The active ingredient in VigRX is benzocaine, a topical anesthetic that is one of the oldest, most reliable treatments for premature ejaculation [1]. Benzocaine works by desensitizing your penis just enough to allow you to last longer. It tells your penis, “Hey, chillax. Let’s have fun and enjoy every moment.”

In one recent 2017 study in the Journal of Urology, compared to the placebo group, men in the Benzocaine treatment group reported greater improvement in distress relating to intercourse, better control of their erection and ejaculation [2], and overall sexual satisfaction.

Other products use a harsher anesthetic called Lidocaine [3], which basically leaves your penis numb. In fact, one study showed that several participants lost their erection due to not being able to feel anything.

What’s in this stuff?

The main ingredient is the desensitizing Benzocaine. Other ingredients in the blend include Panax Ginseng root extract [4], Ginkgo Biloba [5], Wild Yam (diosgenin) [6], Licorice root extract [7],  Raspberry fruit extract, and Turnera aphrodisiaca extract.

How to use

VigRX Delay Spray comes in a spray form which is a bit easier to apply than a cream. You just spray it on and rub it in with your hand about 10 minutes before you are going to have sex.

Here’s a tip – You can wipe your penis with a damp cloth before she performs oral sex on you. She won’t notice anything. Then if you want to reapply the spray after, you can.

You can spray it up to 3 times per sexual period, or more if your doctor recommends it.

Some men worry about their partner feeling numb inside from the spray. Just don’t overdo it with the spraying and you should be ok. One spray might be enough for you. You can wipe with a cloth before you insert if she is super sensitive, but she might actually like it, too.

You don’t have to worry about numbness as much with the Benzocaine in VigRX Delay Spray, but if you use a Lidocaine product, your partner could definitely feel some numbness. Think about it. That’s the stuff the dentist uses when he needs to drill your tooth.

Who manufactures VigRX Delay Spray?

Leading Edge Health is the manufacturer. They have a contact page on their website and here is their other contact information:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN 37643
United States of America

You can also reach their customer support by telephone anytime between 8:30am and 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Customers in North America can call toll free to 1-866-621-6886, or International customers can call (Int’l Calling Code) + 1-604-677-5365.

How much does it cost?

The cost ranges from $49.95 for a one month supply to $219.95 for a six month supply.

Should I Try VigRX Delay Spray?

Well, that’s up to you. We think it has a good history of working as described and risks from side effects are minimal. You have to see how it works for you and it’s one of those things where practice makes perfect. You need to see how many sprays you need and how many minutes before sex you should apply it.

As far as ordering goes, though, we’d never tell you what to do with your money. I mean, hey, you might want to try other options like a pill-based supplement version of VigRX Plus instead. Just so you know, if you order through our affiliate link, we get a little something back. This helps us out, but you are under no obligation to do so. We’ll keep providing great content and reviews either way!

Visit the official VigRX Delay Spray website