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Some people have incredible memories that let them remember a seemingly endless number of names and faces. The rest of us get up to grab a drink and forget why we’re in the kitchen.

If you’ve always wanted to enhance your memory without needing to put in too much effort, here are 10 intriguing ways to hack your brain for improved memory…

1) Have Sex

When you make love with your partner, you increase blood flow to the brain unmatched by any other form of exercise.

You also release hormones into your brain responsible for better decision making and focus as well as helping engage the creative side of your brain.

That’s a lot of positives for something that is so fun to do so what are you waiting for? Hop between the sheets and get it on!

2) Use Some Fish Oil

For optimum brain function, you need the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish.

Many people don’t get enough of these omega-3 fatty acids, especially considering you need them in order to balance out the more common fatty acid, omega-6. It’s a delicate balance and one you shouldn’t overlook.

Omega-3s can actually help build and grow your frontal cortex, even as an adult. That means it is never too late to improve your brain and all you need is some fish oil!

3) Hydrate

Most of us are in a state of chronic dehydration without even being aware of.

If you’re not drinking enough water, it can cause a chain reaction of problems in your body, and one of those problems is the constriction of your blood vessels, including the ones in your brain.

Caffeinated drinks such as that sly coffee or quick energy drink we tend to reach for whenever we need a boost can actually exacerbate the problem.

Instead, try quenching your thirst with plain old water. The added fluids will open up the blood vessels in your brain and improve your memory just like that.

4) Exercise

We tend to lose mental function as the day drags on, and part of that problem is the drudgery of sitting in front of a computer all day long.

Exercise is a great way to stimulate your brain in a shower of different ways…

A walk outside will give you a change of scenery, which helps to freshen up your mind. The added blood flow from walking around will also help bring more nutrients to your brain.

A simple walk can serve you admirably when it comes to improving memory and general brain function.

The best thing?

It’s absolutely free!

5) Play Some Word Games

Playing word games and solving puzzles forces your brain to work hard to seek out solutions.

Mental exercise like this is a great way to maintain your current cognitive skills and even improve upon them.

Studies carried out on dementia patients found that those who played games and word puzzles were often protected from further mental decline.

The great news is that if your brain is still young and healthy, you can keep it in shape and stretch it by exercising it just like you’d exercise your arms or chest.

6) Reduce Stress

When you are stressed, memory is often the first thing to go.

High levels of stress cause short-term memory loss, and can account for your inability to remember things you used to recall easily.

If you are feeling stressed by your life, consider setting up some de-stress techniques for yourself in order to restore that memory quick smart.

Sometimes, simply meditating for a short spell daily can be enough to boost your brain function and get that short-term memory firing on all cylinders again.

7) Declutter Your Mind

There is only so much space in your head for the myriad decisions you need to make every day.

When you allow media, big business, and the people you meet to crowd your plate with an excessive demand on your extra brain power, it’s not surprising when a few of those decisions end up by the way side.

Simply limiting the number of choices you make in a day can greatly improve your memory. Whether that’s laying out your clothes for tomorrow or limiting yourself to only a couple of places to eat for lunch, resting from constant decision making can allow for clearer and smart thought processes.

You could also try reducing the amount of possessions you have. Consider whittling you’re your wardrobe and stripping things down to bare basics. A cluttered closet can all too easily lead to a cluttered mind.

8) Keep Learning New Things

Your brain is a flexible organ that can grow or atrophy depending on whether or not you use it correctly.

Learning new skills and taking on board fresh information is a solid way to exercise your mind, and help your brain grow in the right direction.

Picking a new language or skill, will not only benefit you generally in life, it can also protect you from the degenerative effects of aging and give your memory a kickstart into the bargain.

9) Rest, Rest, Rest

Believe it or not, lack of sleep will do more than just make you feel tired the next day.

Not getting adequate sleep can actually shrink your brain and cause your neurons to wither. Your brain waits until after you are asleep to begin its maintenance processes, which include removing toxins from the brain and maintaining metabolic homeostasis.

Unfortunately, you can’t make up for sleep deprivation by catching up on the weekends. Instead, create a regular sleep schedule for yourself. You’ll get more out of your daily life because your brain will be healthier and fitter than all the bone-tired people out there you are competing with.

10) Aromatherapy

While the genuine health benefits of aromatherapy are sometimes called into question, the truth is exposing your brain to new smells can provide stimulation just as easily as puzzles or learning can.

Adding a zesty orange scent or fresh mint can help you feel more aware, and refresh you enough to get through the rest of the day. Even if it is just a micro-adjustment to your day, the benefits can add up.


Your brain is an incredible part of your body which is highly responsive to change. Taking good care of your brain, making sure it gets enough water and nutrition, and giving it exercise is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your mind and get back the elephantine memory you were proud of years ago, these simple but effective hacks are a sound starting place.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your brain, and the benefits more than repay the minimal effort.

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